FIBA World Cup Basketball Futures & Predictions

FIBA World Cup Basketball Futures & Predictions

Schedule: August 31st to September 15th, 2019 

Location: China 


The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup is the 18th edition of basketball’s World Cup. It will be held from August 31- September 15, 2019, across 8 cities in China.


A record 32 teams will play in at least 96 games beginning next month to determine who is the best basketball team in the world. The 32 teams are split into eight groups of four with the top two teams per group advancing to the knockout Round of 16. The quarterfinals will be staged on September 10 & 11, 2019 and the semifinals will be held on September 13. Basketball’s world champion will be crowned two days later on the 14th of September, 2019 in Beijing.


Odds to win Group A

FIBA World Cup 
Winner - Group A 

Poland   +110 
China   +150 
Venezuela   +400 
Ivory Coast   +3300

When you take a look at Group A, Poland is the favorite but remember that Venezuela is ranked higher at 20 versus Poland’s 25. Poland is also making its first appearance at the World Cup since 1967 so there may be jitters here as well.  China could be a sleeper as well with the Chinese regaining their supremacy in Asia after winning gold at the 2018 Asian Games. I like China to win this group but won’t mind picking Venezuela. Prediction: China 

Odds to win Group B

FIBA World Cup 
Winner - Group B 
Argentina   -120 
Russia   +150 
Nigeria   +600 
South Korea   +15000

No question Argentina is a basketball powerhouse but with Manu Ginobili now retired and Luis Scola already 37 years old, I don’t think Argentina is as good as before although they were second placers in the 2017 FIBA AmeriCup. Russia did not qualify in the 2014 World Cup but were 4th placers at the 2017 Eurobasket. Alexey Shved and Timofey Mozgov are expected to lead the Russians. Mozgov is the oldest player in the team at 31 and he’s six years younger than Scola. Prediction: Russia

Odds to win Group C

FIBA World Cup 
Winner - Group C 
Spain   -10000 
Puerto Rico   +1100 
Iran   +8000 
Tunisia   +10000

To say that Spain received a favorable draw in the first round of the 2019 FIBA World Cup would be an understatement. Iran, Tunisia, and Puerto Rico are not in their class. However, the battle between the three will be thrilling to see who wins the other top seed in the group. Puerto Rico is a powerhouse offensively while Iran and Tunisia boast some incomparable size. Prediction: Spain

Odds to win Group D

FIBA World Cup 
Winner - Group D 

Serbia   -650 
Italy   +350 
Philippines   +15000 
Angola   +15000

Group D seems clear cut due to the talent gap seen between Serbia and Italy, and the Philippines and Angola. This group may not be as much of a sure-thing as expected though. Philippines has played inspired basketball to qualify for this tournament and are led by NBA guard Jordan Clarkson. Meanwhile, Angola boasts one of this years top NBA Draft picks in Bruno Fernando. It will be a group that matches quality against heart. Prediction: Serbia

Odds to win Group E

FIBA World Cup 
Winner - Group E 

USA   -10000 
Turkey   +1400 
Czech Republic   +3300 
Japan   +15000

Group E is and was always going to be in the favour of the USA. While they won't be boasting their top talent at this tournament, they still have a lineup to take down their group. Turkey is a powerful side with scoring from every position. The Czech Republic makes their first appearance, while Japan enter with high hopes as they are led by their young stars Rui Hachimura and Yuta Watanabe. Prediction: USA

Odds to win Group F

FIBA World Cup 
Winner - Group F 

Greece   -335 
Brazil   +450 
Montenegro   +900 
New Zealand   +2000

Since splitting off from Serbia in representation, Montenegro's side has grown considerably weaker on the international level. While the Tall Blacks live up to their moniker, they don't look to have the quality needed to compete. Brazil and Greece are the stars of this group. Loaded with players from the worlds top leagues, Group F is theirs for the taking. Prediction: Greece

Odds to win Group G

FIBA World Cup 
Winner - Group G 

France   -350 
Germany   +375 
Dominican Republic   +1000 
Jordan   +10000

Jordan shocked the world when they qualified for the FIBA World Cup. Unfortunately, they were drawn into a very tough group. France is the top dog in the group, standing as one of the tournaments best teams. Meanwhile, Dominican Republic always stands tall against supposed greater competition while Germany touts its own pool of rising stars. Prediction: France

Odds to win Group H

FIBA World Cup 
Winner - Group H 

Australia   +150 
Lithuania   +180 
Canada   +190 
Senegal   +15000

Every major tournament has it, Group H is the 2019 FIBA World Cup's Group of Death. Four incredibly talented sides are in the same pot looking to advance in one of the top two positions. Senegal may be just outside of their competitors quality range, but they are not to be underestimated. Meanwhile, Lithuania is still a power in world basketball. Australia was dealt a hard blow when Ben Simmons withdrew from the FIBA World Cup, while Canada was unable to convince its best talent Andrew Wiggins to the side. Group H is one to watch. Prediction: Canada

FIBA World Cup Future Odds To Win - Bovada Sportsbook

Odds To Win FIBA World Cup 
USA   -550 
Spain   +1500 
Serbia   +500 
France   +4000 
Greece   +2500 
Australia   +4000 
Lithuania   +6600 
Canada   +4500 
Russia   +9000 
Argentina   +8000 
Italy   +10000 
Germany   +15000 
Turkey   +15000 
Brazil   +15000 
Poland   +20000 
Puerto Rico   +25000 
New Zealand   +30000 
Montenegro   +25000 
Czech Republic   +40000 
China   +50000 
Nigeria   +50000 
Dominican Republic   +50000 
Jordan   +125000 
South Korea   +125000 
Angola   +125000 
Iran   +75000 
Ivory Coast   +150000 
Japan   +125000 
Philippines   +125000 
Venezuela   +125000 
Tunisia   +125000 
Senegal   +150000